State-of-the-art fitness centre and SPA in Kyiv

SPA InterContinental offers our guests an exclusive opportunity to take advantage of our health and beauty treatments. Specializing in different aromatherapies, our SPA offers a variety of therapeutic treatments — body wraps, facials, and massages. We use a deluxe line of health and beauty products and are considered to be top of the line SPA in the downtown Kyiv area. SPA InterContinental also houses a well-equipped fitness center complete with swimming pool, sauna and steam room.

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SPA Menu

Thai Massage menu



Beauty salon

We offer luxurious procedures based on exclusive products from the world leading brands.

Our experienced hair stylists, make-up artists, manicure and pedicure professionals will help you to create your perfect look. Experience our classic cosmetology treatments and alternative to  plastic surgery methods.

OPEN HOURS: 09:00 - 21.00

Body Massage at Intercontinental Kiev


SPA InterContinental is a retreat after a hectic day. Specializing in different aroma therapies, SPA InterContinental offers a variety of health and beauty treatments including a wide range of massage techniques: classic general massage, anti-cellulite massage, chocolate massage, Thai massage etc.

OPEN HOURS: 09:00 - 21.00

Fitness Centre -  Intercontinental Kiev

Fitness Center

We have created the ideal conditions for your comfortable and dynamic recreation. Our fitness room is equipped with modern training equipment that strengthens the cardiovascular system. Expert trainers will help you to compose an individual training programme and master the correct exercising technique.

OPEN HOURS: Hotel guests – round the clock, Non-guests – 6.00-23.00

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool

Swimming pool and sauna have long been recognized as some of the best ways to maintain health and rejuvenate beauty. Here you can relieve fatigue, fully relax and receive a powerful impulse of positive emotions, good humor and well-being.

OPEN HOURS: 06:00 - 23.00

Getting Ready the Bride

InterContinental Kyiv prepared special programs to help the bride to get ready for the most significant day of her life. 

These programs include relaxing the face and body massage, face and body treatments, manicure and pedicure, and of course hairstyle trial which is very important to do ahead of time, so the hairdresser can consider all the details and your requests.

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Relax in SPA InterContinental with special anti-stress and relaxation treatments. Chocolate full-body wrap and massage is the most antistress and sensual therapy of all. Stone massage is an endlessly enjoyable treatment that combines the effect of a massage and the calming effect of hot stones. 

For more information please call +38 044 393 2222; +38 067 473 3775

Japanese premium company "Wamiles Cosmetics"

Over the centuries, Japan has become the standard of beauty, health, and longevity. Japanese girls are well known for their well-groomed ness and naturalness. Premium company "Wamiles Cosmetics" helps You to open the curtain of mysterious beauty and plunge into the world of Japanese charm as well as new opportunities for professional care, giving a tremendous, and most importantly - effective result. The main task of Japanese developers is to complete skin rejuvenation and open a natural potential. All of this is achieved thanks to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical properties of the products.

Wamiles Cosmetics

For more information please call +38 044 393 2222; +38 067 473 3775

Hot stone massage in SPA  InterContinental

hot stone massage

Discover the secrets of beauty and health from Tibetan traditions of body care. Hot stone massage is a session of deep relaxation, recovery, and pleasure, which you can experience in SPA InterContinental.

For more information please call +38 044 393 2222; +38 067 473 3775

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